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As the old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather, Just wait 10 minutes".. Well things here in Xenia don't normally change that fast, but we're on top of it none the less. Click on the WebWeather logo  Above, and you will be transported instantly to our Weather page.  The information is always current within 5 minutes, unlike the "Animated" weather on many other sites, that is updated every few hours at best. The picture we use is captured from our live cam, and is itself updated every 15 minutes..

You might ask, how do you get the information that fast? The answer is: We have our own weather station located on top of the building, and we control not only the data retrieval, but the publishing of the data to the web.. As such, we depend on no one, except of course our viewers, who let us know right away if something isn't working.  The image you see on the main page is a live 'real time" image, no delay, no recording, no re-broadcasting. You're looking right through the eye of the camera, just as though you were here. Any hesitation or "jerkiness" you may notice, is internet delay, and nothing more. Naturally, the faster your internet connection speed, the more 'in-sync' you will be with the "real time" image.. DSL or cable modem is best for viewing the streaming image. If you're seeing the camera clock tick in one (1) second intervals, that's about the best it gets.

This site continues to be "Advertising Free", however, we are considering some page sponsorship, in order to defray some of the ongoing cost and maintenance of the site, and the equipment, which isn't cheap.. I can say however, that if we do something along that line, it will be unobtrusive, and free of pop-up, and splash type advertising, as well as any other form of annoying ad schemes.. At any time, you are welcome to make a donation via PayPal by sending contributions to

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you will come back often and enjoy the sights with us..  

Please feel free to contact us with a question or suggestion.

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Cam view is looking approximately South Southwest.