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Having many ties in Xenia in the way of friends and family,  I visit your site almost daily.  I   especially enjoy the courthouse cam, where I am able to check out the weather, and the view. I was fortunate to have lived in Xenia till 1969.  It still is my "Home Town". Thank you for putting together such a informative web site.   N K  Dunedin, Florida 

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful website. I keep it on my desktop and have a peek at downtown everyday. I lived in Xenia for 31years having been born in Yellow Springs. I have been gone now for 25 years, but  still consider Xenia home.  R B   Black Diamond, Washington

I've been doing some personal weather research (tornadoes, etc.) which includes the April 3, 1974 Xenia twister. (The Super Outbreak of 1974.)  I was only 8 years old that fateful day, but since reading about that awful event and viewing numerous photos of the damage, I've come to dig even farther into what life is like now in Xenia.  Back in 2000, yet another tornado hit your city and it was most likely deja vu for Xenians.

I view your webcam many times a week and check on happenings in your fine city.  I hope that I NEVER see an
F-5 tornado appear behind the Courthouse building!!
   C.S.  Bloomer, Wisconsin



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